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Moon R Walnut / Ash

Moon R Walnut / Ash

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The Moon R walnut Ash pendant light is a stunning wood lamp handcrafted with FSC certified Walnut veneer. This moon lamp features an inner shade constructed of thin Ash veneer, permitting a subtle, warm light to permeate and radiating a gentle luminescence. This glow is then echoed by the outer shade, which serves a dual purpose: reflecting the soft light emanated by the inner layer while shielding direct view of the light source. This interplay between the two shades results in a perfectly calibrated balance, offering a cozy ambiance outward while ensuring functional, practical illumination downward. As a moon lamp, it combines aesthetic appeal with practical lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere in any space.




"Our lamps feature a meticulous selection of materials, each chosen for its quality and sustainability:

- **Oak Veneer:** Crafted from oak, a durable and versatile wood known for its straight grain and strength. Each piece of veneer is carefully chosen to ensure uniformity in grain pattern. Oak is a carbon dioxide (CO2) absorber, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Our use of FSC certified oak guarantees that the wood is sustainably sourced. Please note that exposure to UV light may cause slight changes in the wood's tone over time, ensuring each pendant remains unique.

- **Ash Veneer:** Our lamps also feature ash veneer, sourced from the resilient and visually striking ash tree. Selected for its straight grain and durability, each piece of ash veneer is carefully inspected to ensure consistency in grain pattern. Ash wood acts as a CO2 absorber, contributing to its status as a sustainable material. By utilizing FSC certified ash, we guarantee responsible forestry practices. Please note that exposure to UV light may result in subtle tonal changes over time, adding to the individuality of each pendant.

- **Walnut Veneer:** For a touch of elegance, some of our lamps showcase walnut veneer, renowned for its rich hues and intricate grain patterns. Each walnut veneer piece is meticulously chosen to achieve a uniform appearance in the finished product. Walnut wood is a natural CO2 absorber, making it an eco-friendly choice. Our commitment to sustainability is reinforced through the use of FSC certified walnut. Please be aware that walnut may exhibit slight color variations and develop a unique patina with exposure to UV light, enhancing the charm of each pendant.

- **Stainless Steel Frames:** Our lamp frames are expertly crafted from stainless steel. Each frame undergoes a delicate hand brushing proces.

- **Black Oxidized Steel Frames:** Some of our lamps feature frames made from black oxidized steel, providing a bold and contemporary aesthetic.

- **Brass :** Brass offers a warm and luminous quality, reflecting light beautifully. However, it is susceptible to scratches, and slight handling marks may be present due to the assembly process. Over time, brass may develop a natural patina, adding character to the pendant.

- **Finishing:** Each veneer is coated with a completely matte lacquer, eliminating any reflections and preserving the natural appearance of the wood.

- **General Note:** Please be aware that variations in grain and color are inherent to natural materials and contribute to the uniqueness of each pendant."

Socket : E27 porcelain socket and

Wire : 3m black textile wire.


The chandeliers are available in :

Moon R

Ø40cm x 30cm high

Ø50cm x40cm high


Ø50cm x 25cm High

Ø60cm x 30cm high

Ø70cm x 35cm High

Ø80cm x 40cm High

Ø100cm x 50cm High

Ø120cm x 60cm High


Ø60cm x 20cm High


Ø30cm x 30cm high

Ø40cm x 40cm High

Ø50cm x 50cm High

Solaris E

Ø60cm x 30cm High

Care Instructions

For veneer and steel shades use a brush with a long hair / dust remover.

A black ox frame can be refreshed with some drops of acid free oil (the kind used for bicycles and sewing machines).

Shipping & Returns

At Kirk Studio, each lamp is meticulously assembled upon order, ensuring that every piece is uniquely tailored to your preferences. Rather than maintaining pre-assembled stock, we specialize in offering a diverse array of materials and sizes to suit your individual needs. As a result, we regretfully cannot accept returns unless there are faults attributed to our craftsmanship. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are committed to delivering exceptional quality products tailored specifically for you."

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